Friday, January 16, 2009

This is Real America

No shortage of heros. Tourist ferries, tugboats, a heroic pilot and flight crew who did the impossible (this is the first time *ever* that there was a water landing of a jet airliner without fatalities), can-do America doing what can-do America can do. None of that fatalistic "there's nothing we can do" bullshit here. Everybody did exactly what they were supposed to do, exactly the right thing. New York, you have a damn lot to be proud of. US Airways Flight 1549 could have been hundreds of dead bodies floating in the river. But because of the training of the flight crew, the quick response by the ferries and tugboats, and the orderly exit of New Yorkers from the aircraft who just get this shit, everybody's safe and sound. Damn, I love New York... even though I've never been there.

-- Badtux the Saluting Penguin


  1. There are some sketchy reports that the flight attendants may have tried to open the rear doors, which is a no-no in a water landing situation. Had they been able to open the doors, the plane could have rapidly flooded, resulting in fatalities. However, according to the sketchy passenger reports, the flight attendants were unable to actually open the rear doors. So, everything worked perfectly, even if it was by accident.


  2. I always thought bird strike was a funny Eddie Izzard routine until this happened.

  3. Msakes one feel all gooey inside.

  4. I'm investing in the newHudson River Runway!!!!
    I'm gonna be rich.

    What? Too soon?

  5. I don't know whether it's been said elsewhere, but did it occur to you how this was the ANTI-9/11? Pilot flies a jet plane off course down the Hudson River to SAVE lives instead of take them. Perfect timing to bookend the dead-end of the Bush Terror Regime, too. The regime began with an air disaster in New York, and ended with an air salvation in the same spot.


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