Saturday, January 31, 2009

A momentous life-changing decision

I has made one. I am falling off the wagon, ending my experiment in forced withdrawal from mood-altering drugs, and setting off immediately for... Costco.

Wait, Costco?

Yes, Costco. Where I can buy large bags of excellent-quality whole bean coffee for cheap. From thence I shall proceed to Fry's Electronics, which has a whole arsenal of coffee bean mastication equipment guaranteed to turn said beans into nice grounds.

An examination of my cupboards reveals that I have over 100 coffee filters remaining from my last stint of addiction, and that my Braun coffee maker is still lurking up there, ready to pounce. Said examination also uncovers an airtight container perfect for the purposes of retaining said beans in excellent condition for the amount of time needed to consume them, as well as another airtight container suited for short-time retention of grounds (unfortunately, the less expensive grinders require you to grind a fair amount at a time, else they simply do not work, and I compute that this will be a two day supply of grounds). Thus I have all the tools of addiction required... except the addictive drug itself, which is still calling, calling, calling...

-- Badtux the Addict Penguin


  1. Coffee is our friend...

  2. I also found something saying that coffee is really good for you. To be fair, there's a gene that coffee drinkers who drink more than three cups a day have, that the rest of us don't have, a gene that allows them to metabolize caffeine faster than we mere mortals can manage. So it might not be the coffee, it might be the gene. But hey, it can't hurt to try :-).

    - Badtux the Addicted Penguin


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