Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More iPhony

Amazon.com got my new Sennheiser MM50 headphones to me today. These are the ones that have the inline mike with button for taking calls. So now I don't have to use my iPod headphones (which don't have a mike) and risk not being able to take a call, yet get all the goodness of a high-end headphone, such as the flat 18hz-22khz frequency range.

One of the interesting things about the iPhone is how little battery power it uses when used as an iPod, i.e., just playing music. Every other smartphone I've ever had burned through battery like it was free when you played music. All I can think is that the iPhone must have some specialty low-power hardware to decode mp3 to waveforms. Of course, Apple has been reducing the power usage and increasing the battery life of iPods ever since they were first released, so this is something they're really, really good at. It's just curious that none of the other smartphone manufacturers have seemed to realize the importance of having low power usage while playing mp3's...

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for more information on Palm's Pre. More on that later as more information comes out...

-- Badtux the Geeky Penguin


  1. thanks for telling me about this
    now that i have no office and work in a pit like a 50s movie -- i need headphones (but i have a job)

  2. The man just got an i-phone after years lusting. I will be glad to tell him about the headphones; we have to drive cellphone free around here!


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