Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was dancing around, heard a *pop* from my left calf when changing direction, and then a sharp burst of pain and all the symptoms of a grade II Medial Gastrocnemius strain (pain in calf, can't stretch toe without pain, etc., but without the severe bruising and inability to use leg of a grade III strain and no Achilles tendon tenderness so it's not anything to do with that). So now I'm icing it down and about to call Kaiser-Permanente and hoping like hell that my health insurance plan is already on file with them, since I changed my insurance on January 1. Of course, if we were a civilized nation and had single-payer health insurance, I wouldn't need to worry about this, I'd just head to the nearest sports medicine facility and see someone, rather than have to beg Kaiser for the treatment that my employer is paying for... sigh.

Update: Treatment is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). So I'm lying in bed with my laptop on my belly and a bag of ice water under my calf, as The Mighty Fang keeps my left side warm and Mencken keeps my right side warm, dreading needing to get up in a few minutes to use the restroom. Oh well, at least I have furry bed-warmers to keep my bed warm while I'm tinklin'...

- Badtux the Pained Penguin


  1. I wouldn't have sought treatment for that, but I'm a country boy.

    Treatment is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).... Yup.

    You don't have a pee bottle or bucket? I don't know about you city folks.

  2. Sorry to hear it -- wishing you a speedy recovery. Glad you have the pet-warmers.

  3. As a mechanic I was crushed between the bumpers of two vehicles when one trucks trans locked into drive unexpectedly , from park .
    Brother I KNOW your knee pain and I am sorry for you .If you are still in pain and don't have the opiate family available then try Valerian Root . Large regular doses have an amazing pain killing affect without any addidictive qualities . MSM (expensieve) does help healing some .
    A still limping (7 year now )

  4. later on, try alternating the ice (3 min) with an application of heat (2 minutes) it will help to move the bad stuff out.

    my post code is flanco who was a japanese/spanish dictator.


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