Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well, I *had* a set of $100 Sennheiser MM50 iP headphones. Now what I have is a chewed nub sticking out of the top of my iPhone.

I know who the culprit is -- it was The Mighty Fang, who apparently thought these headphones had the same consistency as the rubber bands he loves to chew to clean his teeth -- but that doesn't solve the problem of me not having headphones any more :-(. Can't afford new ones until the end of the month at the earliest (and that's if I have any money left from paying the bills). Sigh. Cats.

-- Badtux the Poorer Penguin


  1. Dude...I know your anger. I have a cat that chews up pretty much anything that has my scent on it.

  2. Well, he'll pay me back in purrs and cuddles, so I guess I didn't stay angry long. Sigh. Cats.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  3. One of my Saint Bernards has a taste for both remote controllers and books . He once ate a semi-precious hardbound book . After being yelled at for his " habbit " he went off , grabbed one of his favorite toys and set it at my feet like a " trade " .
    A pet owned w3ski

  4. "Cheer up!
    The six, yes SIX, cats here applaud TMF for his toothsome maneuver, but beg to acquaint him with their clever stratagem of marking Sir's LCD monitor.
    Not only does this claim the massive feeder of our pride as our own, but insinuates the hierarchy.
    Sir just loves reading your blog over a mountain landscape with moon ascending. It doesn't cut out more than 12% of the screen because it rests between the actual screen and the coversheet Samsung put on the syncmaster 906BW.
    Sir is so impoverished buying our non-China, non-poisoned crunchies that he can't afford to repace the monitor.
    Once again we prove that cats only have staff."

    The above was dictated to me while Quickpaw held his dew claw at a vulnerable part of my anatomy.

    I feel your pain Badtux.

  5. Bought a french doors for the house with a sliding screen door that actually worked a few years ago. Paid someone to install it because, I'm not that handy.

    Within an hour of the guy leaving, the dog ran into the screen at full speed knocking it out of the hinges and ripping a hole in the screen. Surprised she didn't break her neck.

    And she's one the breeds that is known to be smart.

  6. obviously, you didn't get the memo.

  7. I have gone through three headsets, two keyboards and two sets of speakers for my computer.

    The brood remains silent.


  8. Couldn't figure out why my connection kept dropping out the other day. Inspected the ethernet cable and found microscopic pin holes. Sigh, kittens....


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