Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night Netflix


The movie has a Russian soul, cold and brutal but with warmth in unexpected places.

-- Badtux the Movie-watching Penguin


  1. You listen to Randi Rhodes, don't you Nunya? I like how she plays sound clips of Frances McDormand's character to lampoon Scary Palin's accent. "Is that soo?" "He's fleein' the interview; he's fleein' the interview!" etc.

    I must admit, I had read a lot about the movie but had never watched it until recently. One of the few good things about flying from Europe to Australia is that on Qantas long-haul planes, they have great in-flight movie systems on every seatback. I watch more films on the annual round-trip ordeal we take than I do for the entire rest of the year. Otherwise, I'm a reading and radio man.

  2. LOL...did you see "Burn After Reading"?...the same folks who made "Fargo" made this one that got called lousy. But coming from intel work in the military, we all found it hilarious! It did remind me of "Fargo" as well.

  3. calgarylady11/1/09 2:40 PM

    Fargo is one of my all-time faves. Harold and Maude is another.

    Both of them are quirky, funny and sad. Unforgettable masterpieces!

  4. The only Russians I've ever known were not warm...they were blazing infernos...just covered with a layer of frost...
    But that is actually easy to remove with an application of Stoli....

  5. I saw "Burn After Reading." A better title would have been "Burn Before Viewing."

  6. calgarylady11/1/09 10:12 PM

    essaress, we of the cold climes must do what we can!

    Methinks the russkies are on to sumtin good!

  7. I love Fargo, with its Minnesota accents.


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