Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shall we call them "Bushvilles"?

Shanty towns spring up on outskirts of major U.S. cities...


  1. I kept saying it was coming, but no one listens to me. And Bush isn't worried about it, he is supporting the greed of wall street and the banks.

    So what will you do if you lose your high tech job?

  2. "Retire" to my estate in the countryside, of course. WTF you think? I own a farm for cryin' out loud, even if I don't live there right now. My grandparents survived the Great Depression on that farm, growing most of their food. Seems like we're moving that way again, alas...

    As for my high tech job, there are few people who know where the skeletons are buried in my field, and I'm one of them. I'll never be upper management, but there will always be a need for people who know how to get a product from concept to packaging on the retail shelf. As long as there is a high tech industry, I have a job. Though the way things look today, I may end up having to move to China to do it :-(.

    - Badtux the Agrarian Penguin

  3. Yes, Bushvilles seems appropriate. Unfortunately Bush is about 50 to 75 IQ points below where Hoover was, so maybe it'll get a lot worse.


  4. Farm land is the way to go, because they aren't making any more land, and the climate change is going to reduce the amount available to grow food.

    With wheat over $8/bushel farming might even be profitable again.

  5. I rather like "Bushburgs" but it's the same idea.


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