Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He does give good speech

Watch, and read.

Wow. The youngster is operating on a level that we haven't seen in quite a few years. Not that this will stop World Nut Daily and its ilk from screaming "EEEK! Them uppity niggers is gonna sneak into your bedrooms and KILL YOU ALL if you elect Obama!", but so it goes.

So that is the choice Obama lays down to us. Do we continue the divisiveness, the hatreds, the refusal to confront the imperfections of our nation? Or do we confront the imperfections of our nation and continue together as a people on the voyage towards "a more perfect Union"? That is the gauntlet Obama lays down. Fox News, World Nut Daily, and their ilk apparently prefer the former. As for myself, well, you probably have figured that one out for yourself.

BTW, I was going to write a snarky post about World Nut Daily and the race-baiting it and the rest of the Never Right are engaged in, but somehow after reading/watching the above, my snark dried up. Oh well.

-- Badtux the Not-so-snarky Penguin

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