Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I wanna be sedated

Seems that Joey Ramone just needed to drink NYC tap water if he was feeling so uptight. Funny, "sedated" and "New Yorker" just don't seem to fall off the tongue in the same sentence.


  1. Speaking of "tongues" and thing that need to get washed down...perhaps Badtux needs to put on his chef's hat again and taste some new MRE's...

    Don Egolf remembers what Army chow looked like when he served in Germany in World War II: a tin of scrambled eggs and bacon bits that he pried open with a tiny can opener.

    On March 5 at the Pentagon the 102nd Infantry Division vet pocketed one of those irksome little openers, the P-38, as a souvenir. Then he dug into the latest in combat cuisine, a plate of blackened catfish, teriyaki chicken, little french toast squares and pumpkin cake - no opener needed.

    The Army offered up samples of the food as it rolled out its newest innovation - special packets of easy-to-eat, high-nutrition, high-calorie foods designed for mobile forces. The chow, mostly bagged finger-type foods that Soldiers can just tear open and eat on the run, will be available in the field next month.,13319,163433,00.html

  2. I've had the teriyaki chicken and pumpkin cake. They're both good, though the cake is a little dry and dense (has to be, to travel well). I'm eagerly awaiting the blackened catfish and french toast squares. As for the bagged finger-foods, I'm eagerly awaiting those too -- MRE's are great and all, but they are bulky and heavy too. All in all, Army food has come a long way since shit on a shingle...

    - Badtux the Culinary Penguin


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