Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chirping kitteh

The Mighty Fang is out on the patio sunning himself in this beautiful spring weather. Or, rather, he would be if it were not for a fly buzzing around. Instead, he's standing there watching the fly buzz around out of reach, going "chir chir chirup! chir chir chirup!" I guess asking me to fetch the fly down for him. Yeah, he tried doing cat acrobatics to get it, the fly just laughed and buzzed higher.

I don't know why cats always expect me to get the fly, june bug, bird laughing at them from the other side of the window pane, whatever that is out of their reach. I guess it's flattering that they think I"m better at catching stuff than they are, but still...

-- Badtux the Not-great-hunter Penguin
Is my blogging boring lately? Probably because I have two projects that are reaching a stage where I'm spending 150% of my time doing design and code reviews to make sure my guys don't produce garbage... I have great guys working under me, but they're kinda green, and they miss the big picture way too often.


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