Saturday, March 15, 2008

The mother of all idiotic wastes of money

There was a letter from the IRS in the mail today. It said on its outside, "IMPORTANT! DO NOT THROW AWAY!". OMG, what is it? Are they auditing my last year's tax return? Asking me for more money? What could it be? What could it be?!

So I opened it and...


See, what the letter was saying, was that I might get a stimulus check if I filed an income tax return and didn't make too much money. Not that I will or will not get a stimulus check. Just that I might get one. (For the record, I won't -- I make too much money, which should give you an idea what income tax bracket I'm in).

Gah. Useless idiotic waste of money. A letter that says nothing, that has no purpose, just to, well, to what? Some Bush campaign contributor must own a print shop that needed business, is all I can figure...

-- Badtux the Stupidity-recognizing Penguin


  1. I could get a stimulus check, if I was to file a return. I'm not.

  2. I received one of those messages, too. I thought it would tell me when to expect the check, should I be getting one. I guess it's a reminder that I need to file.. hell, I already know that. I have to pay. They'll get it when I get good and ready to send it... or at least, some time around the 15th of April.

  3. Yeah, the stimulus I got from the red lettering on the envelope probably took a couple weeks off my life!

  4. When you have idiots in government that truly believe that government is the problem you have a self-fulfilling prophecy.


  5. That mailing cost $42 million that we don't have to tell people what they already know.

  6. Notice the credit card come on wording: "You may receive UP TO $600"
    "You may be pre-approved"
    Unless of course you aren't.
    Sorry about your tax burden, Badtux. It could happen to a lot nastier folk-- but, there we go again!

  7. Oh, I don't mind what income tax bracket I'm in, Martin. It beats the alternative. I've been poor and I've been, well, not-poor, and I far prefer the latter. I just threw that in because the tighty righties blogging with cheeto-stained fingers from their mommies basements are always whining that those "dirty smelly liberals" who dislike their Dear Leader ought to "get a job outside of Starbucks". Well, I got one. And a half. And enjoy it greatly.

    - Badtux the Well-Employed Penguin

  8. When that letter came last week I thought they were coming after me for a penalty for underwithholding last year. I thought great, just what I need.

    Nope, was the silly letter reminding me to file. I threw it in the recycling bin. What a waste of trees.


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