Thursday, March 13, 2008

Awright, will we see riots *now*?!

Yet more proof of Bushenomics' failure: Price of beer and pizza skyrocketing.

That's just... UN-AMERICAN! What an astounding success for the Bush Economy -- the staple diet of all bachelor penguins everywhere is skyrocketing in price!

Now, please excuse me, I need to go sob in my herring bowl...

-- Badtux the Pizza-lovin' Penguin

H/T to Gordon @ Alternate Brain).


  1. Man, nothing is sacred anymore...

  2. Hello, Mr Penguin.
    As soon as I can find my trusty pitchfork, I'll be ready to march on the castle.

    Probably cutting back on the toppings too. Oh, the nerve!

  3. ...when the price of my beloved Oregon microbrews starts getting out of hand, you'll be able to spot me. I'll be the guy in the Deschutes Brewery t-shirt tearing cobblestones out of the street to hurl at...well, I don't know who or what yet, but I'll think of something...

  4. Just remember, that one-time, $300 check our government is so graciously giving us is gonna fix all this. REALLY! Shrub said so.


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