Friday, July 20, 2007

Say hello to President Cheney

Oh, I know it's supposedly only going to be for three hours, but if I were President George W. Bush, I would be very careful about my health right about now. Because he ain't exactly a popular man, and President Cheney would love to officially have the title...

BTW, first thing I thought about JFK getting assassinated was, "hot damn, that ratbastard LBJ finally offed him!". History, however, shows that LBJ had nothing to do with it despite being a ratbastard -- LBJ apparently was scared shitless when he took the oath of office, repeatedly asking with sweaty brow "are they after me too? Are they after me too?" fearing that it was a decapitation attempt against the entire U.S. government, and after he fucked over Vietnam voluntarily stepped down and did not run for re-election unlike Georgie who fucked over Iraq but ain't going nowhere. So, reluctantly, as much as I think LBJ was a sumbitch, I have to conclude that he isn't the guy who hired Oswald to knock off JFK...

-- Badtux the Conspiracy Penguin

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