Saturday, July 07, 2007

Chicken soup

Since this is the Silicon Valley, I went to the local pho place and got some pho ga -- Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. I got the "small" bowl. I don't see how anybody could eat the "large" bowl at this place, the "small" bowl is decidedly more than I can eat!

Penguin still feel blah, but breathes better. Thanks, Sharecropper!

-- Badtux the Well-Souped Penguin


  1. vietnamese chicken soup sounds good. Glad you can breathe better. Hope you're soon back to your normal snarky self.

  2. From you, Angry, that's a rousing endorsement of life :-).

    - Badtux the Breathing Penguin

  3. Is the same Pho King restaurant you mentioned in an earlier post? OTOH maybe that's the name of the place you plan to open after retirement. No matter though. Pho King will probably cure what ails you.

  4. Hope yer all better.

  5. sounds like good soup!!


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