Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No lack of self esteem

Every cat believes that he or she is master of the universe. And who are we to tell them differently?

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin
Yeah, needed a soft fluffy kitty mental health break...


  1. Damn, The Mighty Fang is a gorgeous beast.

  2. I'm wondering, does a penguin have a little dickie doo? LOL

    Cats just think that they are the center of the universe, that they are god. Just take the food away and soon the cat is wondering where god is.

    In other words, they are just cats !! Part of the food chain in some places on this planet.

    And rightfully so, almost everything here is part of the food chain, to something.

  3. If your cat dies just toss it out in the forest, nothing in nature is wasted.

  4. BBS, penguins have cloaca. Go look it up. It does make sexing penguins rather difficult though, as the case of the gay German penguins shows. The zookeepers didn't even know said penguins were gay until they gave the penguins a blood test.

    As for being part of the food chain, we will all go to worm food sooner or later, since we're just meat puppets wrapped around bones stuffed into sausage skins with delusions of grandeur that we're something more than meat with a habit of blowing air through meat to make funny noises. The cat is delusional too, of course. But his delusion, at least, does not send others to die for his recreation.

    -- Badtux the Zoology Penguin

  5. Cats were worshipped as gods by the Egyptians. They've never forgotten


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