Friday, July 20, 2007

A favor, if you use Haloscan on your blog

Blogger and Haloscan user John Asscroft, the Attorney General of the Untied States of America, has politely requested that the Haloscan Tor user ban be modified so that blog owners can decide for themselves whether they wish to allow Tor users to post on their blog or not. Please log into Haloscan, then go to their feature request forum and say you want that feature too. Please be polite. Can catch more flies with sugar and all that, y'know?

In my experience, anonymous trolls can be discouraged by *temporarily* turning off anonymous user postings. They try to troll a couple of times, get discouraged, go away, and a week or so later you can turn anonymous posting back on. Still, I think we'll get a lot more traction if we do as the Attorney General did and request an anonymous posting setting that blog owners must specifically enable in order for Tor users to post comments to their blog. That way only bloggers specifically impacted by the Tor ban need to do anything, while other bloggers (typically the less technical types who aren't into that whole Electronic Freedom Frontier cyberliberties thing) can continue the status quo in blithe ignorance without worrying about setting some strange setting when they get odd trolls to their blogs.

-- Badtux the Torrible Penguin

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  1. As enamored as I am of technobabble, I was helpless in the face of your blandishments and hied myself, or as much of my corporal mass as I deemed necessary, to throw my weight behind your charitable and humanitarian request.


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