Saturday, July 14, 2007

Apple Airtunes and wired networks

Contrary to popular belief, you can stream Airtunes over a wired Ethernet to the Apple Airport Express. You have to set up the Airport Express in "bridging" mode and turn on the setting to accept Airtunes over Ethernet, but once you do that, it works fine. I'm currently happily streaming Airtunes from my Macbook to the Netgear Wireless-N router and from thence via Ethernet to the Airport Express.

Right now, my big issue is getting my Windows XP laptop to hook to the Airport Express via Wireless-G. I don't want to hook it to the Netgear Wireless-N router because then it'll slow down everything to Wireless-G speeds. I think I'm having a key conflict here, but how to resolve it is proving difficult. It would sorta suck to have to bring back my D-Link wireless-G router back into the equation when the whole point of this was to simplify my networking setup (which had altogether too many switches, bridges, etc. in the equation).

-- Badtux the Computer Penguin


  1. Um, okay.

    But can I put it in my pocket and make it vibrate?

  2. Sorry, BBC. You'll need to go to Bob's Sex Toys for one of those thingies. If you don't have one already. Undoubtedly left behind by one of your many wives.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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