Saturday, December 10, 2005

Clingy kitties

One of the things I like about cats is that they're independent. They'll condenscend to let you pet them or pick them up, maybe, but they look at you like, "oh great, you again."

Except for my cats.

I don't get it. My grey and white kitty, every time I sit down at the computer, he has to lie inbetween my monitor and the edge of my computer desk (the keyboard is on a slide-out tray below the edge) and "help" me type if I don't pet him. The black one, on the other hand, has another distressing habit. I sit down on the toilet and he grabs my hand with his paws and tries to make me pet him.

I've never had clingy cats before. Anybody else ever run into this?!

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Oh, yes, Penguin! I have clingy cats. Saddie was especially clingy. He was doglike in his actions. Came when I called him, waited at door when he saw me pull up. He liked to lay at my feet when I was on the computer.
    Mango is pretty clingy, too. Wants to be played with all the time. Cotton isn't, much, though. The new cat isn't, either, but I'm hoping, that given time, she will start to be a good kitty companion. I think that when cats are given lots of love, they respond in kind. They like to be with their humans. They still act independent, just not as much as portrayed by cat-dislikers.

  2. Be glad they like you. I always thought cats were supposed to eat penguins. Something about herring breath that is stronger than catnip.

  3. I go to the can and I have a cat in the bathroom with me almost instantly. They-one or the other-always demand attention.

    Also, Lucifer, he's my tuxedo cat with a half Hitler mustache, just has to make himself comfortable on my lap whenever I read a book in my recliner.

  4. Montag, my cats won't eat anything that doesn't come out of a bag of kibble. You can literally put a raw steak down in front of them, and they would turn up their nose at it. Well, except the black one. He eats rubber. Licks plastic bags too. Once he got into the bin where I stored the spare inner tube for my bicycle, and he *ate holes in it*. No joke! He also enjoys eating rubber bands and the little plastic spiral thingy that comes off of milk jug caps.

    Since I am neither rubber, plastic, nor kibble, my cats would turn their nose up at eating me, even if penguins were small enough to fear cats (which they're not -- no cat would try to eat a penguin, cats go for smaller stuff, like mice and voles and the occasional robin).

    - Badtux the Not-kibble Penguin

  5. My Spot loves licking plastic bags too. A cat tongue dragged across a plastic bag in the dead of night can be incredibly loud. He also loves straws. I spent a lot of money on the little guy until I came to the conclusion that what he really wanted was straws.
    My Christmas is the catnip fiend. She believes my place in life is as cat furniture. She will growl at me, very mean-sounding, if I attempt to use my legs for something else while she's still busy with them.
    I brought home some trout, whole, to show them where that fish flavor comes from. Christmas sniffed, then ran to look out the window (cat TV). Spot sniffed a bit, then rubbed his nose on my hand. Why would I occupy my hands with an ugly fish when I could be petting Spot?

  6. I had an abyssinian kitty once, best parts of a dog and a cat- independent, yet wanted go for a walk with me, and greeted me at the door.

  7. Oh well, at least even the clingy kitties aren't servile. With my clingy kitties, at least, it's not "oh boy oh boy oh boy! Daddy is home!", it's more like "Hey, moron, what did you think you were doing, running off like that when *we* wanted petting? Get your hand over here and start petting, dunce!" Soret of like last night, where I sat down at the computer to type, and the grey and white one got up in front of my monitor so I couldn't see, then after curling up below the monitor so I *could* see, would interrupt my typing from time to time by sticking his paw out and grabbing my hand because I wasn't giving him more attention. A dog, a dog would have just sat there and stared at me adoringly. Feh. If I want to see blind adoration, all I need to do is watch a Fox News anchor cover a story involving Dear Leader.

    -- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  8. Oh, yeah BT, I have a clingy kitty. She climbs into the computer armoire if I'm typing, sits between me and the machine if I'm sewing, sits on the picnic-style benches with the kids at mealtimes, kneads me into the proper consistency for sitting if I'm on the sofa with hubby, and sleeps on my twins' top bunk at night. But, she doesn't do the blind adoration thing like a dog. She's still pissed at me for leaving her at the kennel last week while I was on vacation.

  9. My kitties are affectionate, too. We tease that the orange tabby Mr. Bond has his own saying. "Why do humans have two hands? To pet both sides of the cat." If three people are in the room and only two are petting him he will actually stop his joy for a moment to look at the third like, "Come on, aren't you supposed to be in on this?" He only gets really clingy when I'm under serious stress. Then he adheres to me like glue.

    The two girls, Solitaire and Tessie, are very sweet but not as demanding. Solitaire paricularly likes her ALONE time with me, when she reminds me that there was a time she was an only cat and hey, haven't I noticed what her name is? Tessie actually likes to "talk" to me. A lot. It drives my husband crazy.

    Meanwhile, I'm glad to know that other people have cats who love plastic because my sister's cat is a plastic FREAK. He particularly likes the crispy, thin plastic from the outside of her cigarette pack.


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