Thursday, January 29, 2009

To everybody freakin' about Obama talkin' to Rethugs

Barry is two moves ahead of the Rethugs. They're playing checkers, he's playing chess. They thought he was being weak. He had a different plan though -- make the Rethugs look like a bunch of whiney petulant assholes who, even when given concessions, would refuse to do the right thing for the nation. And the Rethugs walked right into his trap.

Give the youngster his due, he knows this politics shit folks. We ain't talkin' about some amateur here, we're talking about someone who came from nowhere, shook shit up, and became President of the United States against every expectation at the beginning of the race. I mean, fuck. Who the hell, two years ago, could have imagined that we would have a black President of the United States? Nobody. Nobody except a few idealistic fools. And if you told someone that Obama would win Virginia and North Carolina, two of the original states of the Confederacy, folks would have asked you what kinda drugs you were on. So let's quit treating the man as if he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. I mean, c'mon. Virginia and North Carolina. And fucking Indiana, once run by the Ku Klux Klan as well as being the home of Mr. Potatoe Head himself...

-- Badtux the Politics Penguin


  1. My stepmonster is from Indiana, I was flabbergasted on that one. Then again, obviously shes not the only control freak who came to CA, after all, Prop 8 passed. :(


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