Saturday, January 24, 2009

A lazy Saturday

I went to bed at 11PM last night. I finally got out of bed at 11AM this morning. You do the math. I was tired for some reason. Maybe because the previous night I didn't get much sleep because my leg was *itching* where it is healing. So I sorta woke up a little around 8:30am, the cats were both cuddled against me, I looked at the clock, looked at the blinds, and said f**k it I'm going back to sleep. And did.

I'm supposed to get much tougher on the range-of-motion stretching now, and not worry about tearing anything because the only thing that would tear right now under normal slow gradual stretching would be scar tissue that needs to tear anyhow. As in, as long as I'm not screaming in pain, it's okay. Also supposed to start exercising the muscle, and the stationary bike at the lowest setting gets the thumbs up on that one. So I started that and oooh, that first couple of minutes hurt. Then things downstairs apparently got themselves in order and the next eight minutes went by okay (though I was definitely feeling it), and then I could stretch it again. So I'm supposed to work up slowly but steadily.

Yeah, sorry to bore you with rehab stuff. But like I said, I spent most of the day sleeping, then got up, got a big bowl of pho ga for lunch/breakfast, then went shopping at Pet Warehouse and Costco for necessities like kittie litter, kittie chow, tuna, and noodles, and washed a couple of loads of clothes. So I haven't been following the news, or reading other people's blogs, or doing much of anything today. Just a slow and lazy Saturday.

So I'll leave you with a ten pound kitty in a five pound box...

-- Badtux the Boring Penguin

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