Thursday, January 22, 2009


MRE Menu #15, "Beef Enchiladas", was just as good as the last time. Except they added *two* salsa packets, which really made it nicely spiced when I put both on top along with the MRE cheese (an odd substance somewhat redolent of Cheeze Whiz, but it does a pretty good job of being, well, cheesy, so who cares?).

Yeah, my leg's sorta interfered with my shopping, so I ordered a couple of cases of MRE's off of eBay and had them delivered to my door, and just ate one for supper. Not exactly fine cuisine, but given that I'm gimpy and not up to much involving standing (such as cooking), I'll take it.

-- Badtux the MRE Penguin

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  1. Well, that one way to do it. It works, I guess. Hang in there.


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