Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote of the day

Da Fixer, talking about right-wing nutcases gettin' the vapors about how bad it'd be to release the Gitmo internees when we close Gitmo:

It's insane we're even having the conversation. We are the most powerful nation on Earth and it makes us look like a buncha cowards we are so terrified of a couple hundred people. For all the tough talk, we act like a nation of pantywaists.

Heh. You said it, bro.

-- Badtux the "Republican pantywaists, anybody?" Penguin


  1. pantywaists..... Hum, I just tend to call others pussies and let it go at that.

    All those folks came from somewhere else, why not just ship them back to where they came from and let whatever course of events shake things out?

  2. antiochsdad27/1/09 6:14 PM

    I am constantly astounded (though after about 46 years of sentient observation of behavior, I shouldn't be astounded) of what wussies most WHiMmies (White Hetero Males) are. They'ra scared of allmost everything. Oh, they can stamd in fromt of a hockey goal, but anything that takes moral and intellectual courage is beyond most of them. As a gay man I see behavior and attitudes from a different perspective, but most gay people that I know are far stronger. If wimmies had to put up with what we go through every day, they would be killing each other for the best sniper spots, all the while claiming how unfair the world is. This terror of the other really demonstrates their own self doubts. If this is a little strong, well I'm sorry to lump the few worthy, with the many unworthy.


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