Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got spam

Today's spam of the week:

Enhance your Greatest Asset.

I feel sorry for people whose greatest asset is their penis. (Heh! He said penis!). Must be a really sad life, showing up at parties and stuff and having nothing to talk about except their greatest asset, their penis. And hey, what kind of work can you get if your greatest asset is your penis? Porno movies and gigolo, I guess, is the extent of your career opportunities. I guess it's better than no life at all, but sad, all the same.

-- Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin


  1. These things have been popping up (pardon the awful pun) in my spam box for a long time. I routinely delete them without giving them a read (or a second thought). But you know what? I wouldn't mind if my penis was my biggest asset. Really, I wouldn't.

    I'd gladly get into the porn flick industry. If my agent were to tell me that smut goddess Norma Leigh Neeling wanted to discuss a "Deep Throat"-style screenplay and who should earn how much from the film's profits, I'd say let's she and I get together and dicker. {*groan*}

    And if she were to later say that I was the best she ever had, imagine the surprise on everyone's faces when it was discovered that I'm gay.

    Yeah, I'd be cool with all that...

  2. It amazes me how grown up men have the minds of teenagers when it comes to their penis's. Marketers know this.

    Have you noticed when something like a pill to enlarge the penis or a pill to melt fat is being advertised the advertisers don't even try that hard to sound or look credible? Why should they bother, only idiots fall for that crap. anyway.

  3. "I feel sorry for people whose greatest asset is their penis" Snark....most of em have to throw in the towel when the moment of truth comes around!!

  4. I just popped in (groan) to invite you to take a gander at an argument I'm having over the Gaza thing. I replied point by point, but I don't know when she will post it.

    Thanks for making me laugh :), I'm tired of the spam, but it usually gets filtered into a separate folder.


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