Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Okay, I admit it...

Despite my cynicism, I must admit to getting a little teary-eyed as the man was sworn in. This past eight years has been the longest eight years of my life...

-- Badtux the Relieved Penguin


  1. A long 8 years...Bush was only in office for 8 years? It seemed like FOREVER. I'm so glad it is finally over.

  2. "This past eight years has been the longest eight years of my life..."

    Badtux, this old Chief is pushin 71 and it seems that when the progressive/liberals are in charge, the years seem to have wings, under the Rethugs, even the days seem like years. I also have never lived a longer decade (even though short),it seemed more like a full generation. And that fully anal retentive, vindictive, fearful, retarded generation.

    I only hope that they all return to the neitherlands from whence they came and when there cut their wrists with rusty razors. 'twood save us all a whole lot of time and trouble. While they're at it they can drag those fundie bastards they discarded in D.C. back to those same neitherlands. Funny, how those kind of freaks seem to run together....

    Just this old Chief's 2¢

  3. Gah. I know the feeling, Badtux.

    You might enjoy this account of a Bush farewell party. Comedy gold, it is.

  4. I got up at 3:30 a.m. to watch it live. (Aussie TV carries a lot of U.S. content, even the CBS Early show, not that I'm usually awake at that hour.) Mrs. Bukko cried, but she does that a lot, especially down here.

    My motivation, aside from seeing Obama speak, was just in case THERE WAS A BLINDING FLASH OF LIGHT! and because we were having hot dogs with homemade chili, cheese, chopped onions and French's yellow mustard, in honour of Chicago-style dogs from Hopey's hometown. And champagne. Great stuff before sunrise. Along with Pepcid, of course.

    And I can't forget that I wanted to participate in a final salute to the Commander Guy, yessir! All alone in the middle of my street, facing to the far, far northeast, one of (hopefully) millions across the world, in unison, giving our regards to the departing (mis)Leader of the Free World.

  5. A HA! :), I grinned. Did you see the first dance? When Denzel spoke, before the dance, I'll admit, I shed a tear. I think Beyonce did a passable job, but nobody can nail that song like Etta James.

  6. It's okay, dearie. Even the toughest of us got all misty. We're allowed.

    For me, it came when Aretha Franklin sang.

    *grabs tissue*


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