Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Kitteh Blogging

A whole blog full of bloggy cat blogging goodness about Maru The Cat. Maru is a cat in Japan (Scottish Fold breed) whose staff is, well, absolutely dotty about his fat goofy kitteh. I already posted the vid of Maru playing with the "Diet" box (fat cat, skinny box, much hilarity ensues as he tries to fit into said box), but look at Maru's blog and there's more funny pictures plus links to more YouTube videos of the big lovable goofball.

Meanwhile, here's one of my own kittehs:

The Mighty Fang is askin' me to go fetch those strings that are hanging out of the book "Design Patterns", after his first attempt to fetch them failed. After I refused to do so, he then took drastic action: Unfortunately he's a bit too fat a cat to fit on that tiny little bit of space between the books and the end of the bookshelf, so he ended toppling off the bookshelf shortly thereafter.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. An endless source of amusement, those kittehs :)

  2. I loves kittehs.

    You're right -- your cat/owner looks just like my cat/owner Mr. Black!

  3. Beware the wrath of TMF!

  4. "oh, human...why you take my picture NOW?"


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