Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I! Am! Very! Excited!

I! Am! Browsing! The! Classified! Ads! For! Apartment! Homes!

  • $1699 / 1b! Unique Live & Work Loft! 1Mo FREE!! M/I TODAY!!!
  • $1250 / 1br!! Just reduced! 2nd floor corner! 1x1 w/ garage pkg now available!!
  • $1625 2 BR!!! 1.5 Bath, $500 Move-in Bonus! Great Los Altos Schools! Cat OK!
All! Ads! Right! Off! Of! Popular! Online! classified! ads! site! where! apparently! ad! copywriters! are! paid! by! the! exclamation! mark!!!!

-- Badtux! The! Snarky! Penguin!!!!!!


  1. Ugh. Rent is disgustingly high up there. It kind of is here also, especially if you consider the mode (?) wage.

  2. Anyone that doesn't own their own place is a frigging idiot and just buying property for others.

    My place is free and clear other than the property taxes and they total only 20 bucks a month.

    That translates to my 'rent' being 20 bucks a month.

    I guess that you had better keep your ass to the grindstone being as you like to pay for others property for them, ha ha ha.

  3. Anybody who owns property in the Silicon Valley right now is an idiot. Prices here have come down by 40% over the past year and are going to go down by at least another 20% before 2010. Since I must live in the Silicon Valley to perform my job, and since I have absolutely no intention of hanging around in the Silicon Valley once I've finished my job, I'd be an idiot to buy property here. I have property elsewhere (owned free and clear) that I'll live on once I've done my thing out here.

    I've already said all of this once before, BBC. I don't know why you need to hear it again. Other than sheer brick headedness on your part, maybe.

    - Badtux the Well-housed Penguin

  4. Oh My Gosh! 1600+ a mth! My one bedroom apartment is $350 mth. w/water&garbage paid!!!!
    I'm glad I don't live where you do!!!!

  5. Rita - the median family income here in the Silicon Valley is over $80K/year, so $1600 for rent is not all that high, that's just $19,000 a year, or less than 25% of gross income. Do note that I have specific requirements -- cats, air conditioning for my computers (most cheaper apartments are not air conditioned), and a garage for my motorcycle -- that limit me to pretty much high end apartment complexes or to duplexes-with-garage where I can mount a window thumper.


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