Monday, October 04, 2010

Tea party supports tea

Texas tea, that is. Black gold. Texas crude. Big Oil. Yeppers, the San Jose Murky News reports that California tea baggers have been spotted waving signs in support of oil companies hoping to get passed Proposition 23, which would overturn the state's strict carbon emissions law. The main funders of the Prop 23 effort are three oil companies -- Valero, Tesoro, and Koch Industries.

This is just more proof that the whole tea bagger phenomenon is a bought and paid for subsidiary of the same oligarchs who got George W. Bush electorated and who are doing their darndest to turn America into Mexico North, where the oligarchs are filthy rich and the rest of us are their servants. The money quote from the article:

"When I see senior citizens out on the street corner holding 'Thank You Valero' signs, it just doesn't jibe," said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog. "Clearly the tea party is being used, and they are becoming the ground army for the oil refineries. Senior citizens would not come out to defend Valero unless there's some formal structure to get them out there."
You think? Like, duh?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. If I was an old person, I would stand on a street corner opposite the people with the pro-Valero signs and hold up a poster saying SENIORS FOR SOYLENT GREEN.

  2. I had an interesting exchange with a teabagger recently. I called the Tea Party an astroturf movement and reminded him that it was being funded in large part by the billionaire oilmen Koch brothers.

    This was the totality of his reply: "Don't believe everything you read." Where do you even begin with a guy like that?

    I guess Ron White was right. You can't fix stupid. There ain't a pill you can take. There ain't a class you can go to. Stupid is forever...

  3. It is pretty much impossible to do anything about teh stupid when people like the 'Baggers are so committed defending it. Maybe we should be grateful there are 'only' 28% who can be fooled all the time.

  4. Not so surprising -- these are the same seniors who buy gold on the phone from a sleaze in Nebraska or wherever, the same seniors who send $$ to Nigeria. Tea Parties are the only parties they're invited to, the poor dears.

  5. These are the people that scream about how high their historically low taxes are, demand further tax cuts, but won't cut spending. Then they scream how the government is out of control and we need to balance the budget.

    Where do you start in a budget deficit conversation with people that are incapable of basic addition and subtraction? They are simply too stupid to grasp the subject they say is important to them.

  6. their hatred of the nigger in the White House prevents them from being rational.

  7. Now now, Lahru. There's no call to call teabaggers racists. It's just coincidence, coincidence I say, that they weren't out on the streets when George W. Bush was doing even worse to the federal budget, nothing at all to do with the fact that GWB was white and Obama is black, nosirree!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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