Saturday, October 16, 2010

Computer help

The Mighty Fang helps me rebuild my computer with more modern parts.

This all started with me wanting to upgrade my four-year-old motherboard to a new one with the latest Core I7 950 processor and 12 gigabytes of memory. By the time it all ended, the "upgrade" consisted of an all-new computer except for the power supply and video card. Heh, funny how that all works! Oh well, at least it has the parts *I* want in it, not the parts that HP or some other vendor wants in it, and each part works exactly the way I want it to work for what I want to do with it...

Nice thing about being single is that you never get asked the question, "honey, why are there computer parts all over the living room floor?". Heh.

-- Badtux the Geeky Penguin


  1. Instead, the case becomes a litter box.


  2. Hey now, not every potential mate for you would ask that. There is probably someone who might ask, hey honey, did you really need a 60 terabyte hard drive? But of course you do, for kitteh pics, lol

  3. JzB, TMF is a nice kitteh. He doesn't use anything as his litter box other than his litter box. The case is too leaky to be a real litter box, so he's just investigating, that's all ;).

    Nunya, even here in the Silly-cone valley, the female computer geek is an almost mythical creature, glimpsed only out of the corner of your eye, almost as rarely glimpsed as Bigfoot, UFO's, and fiscal conservative Republicans :). So the odds are decidedly against this penguin finding someone of the female penguin gender...

    - Badtux the Geeky Penguin


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