Monday, October 18, 2010


This was a DC/Baltimore area band called The Slickee Boys, active during the late 70's and the 1980's, that did a sort of interesting psychedelic punk sound. That first song, "Going all the way", is wicked -- syncopated punk beat, distorted psychedelic guitar that springs into action with a "boinnnng!", then the bass and the other guitar come crashing in to provide a wall of distorted noise. And then comes their cover of Perry Como's 1957 hit, "Glendora". Heh. Like the Ramones and Jefferson Airplane meeting up to cover Perry Como, makes me smile just thinking of the balls it took to cover ole' Perry like that, heh.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Tux, would you know if the Slickee Boys were the band that did the song with the lyrics "Put a bullet in the jukebox, smash it, blast it, with a NUKE! Cause disco, makes me, wanna PUKE!" A D.C.-area college station I used to listen to in the 1970s used to play that tune a lot. Been wanting to find that for years. I was at Amoeba last week and picked up the greatest hits of a 70s Maryland punk band named "The Left" (for only $1.98 in the cutout section, woo-hoo!) and thought I had it, but no luck. Teh Goggle tells me the Slickee Boys mighta done that. Any idea?

  2. No idea, Bukko. At the time I was but a hatchling penguin and far away from D.C....

    - Badtux the Unhelpful Penguin

  3. FOUND IT! I had the lyrics wrong. (I've Googled for it before.) I thought it was "bullet IN the jukebox" but it was "THRU the jukebox." Anyway, you pointed me in the direction of a tune that had been running through my head for 30 years, mate. Unfortunately, hearing it again, it's not as good as I remembered it was...

  4. Funny how that works, huh? I've dug up a lot of songs that I thought were good when I was a kid too, and virtually all of them are crap. Tastes evolve, I guess. Or maybe I just didn't have any taste at all when I was a kid, sigh...

    - Badtux the Musical Penguin


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