Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our choice in politicians this year

And in today's multiple choice exam question:

What most accurately characterizes the politician that you are going to vote for this November?

a) Dumb
b) Evil
c) Spineless
d) All of the above

Those appear to be our choices. Just remember that when you go to cast your ballot for the invertebrate who isn't evil or an idiot -- electing someone who is an evil idiot, or worse yet, evil and *not* an idiot, has repercussions a lot more onerous than a vote for the Coalition of the Spineless. SIIIIIIgh!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. "sigh" is right....followed by a groan as you bubble in your choice of bubblehead.

  2. The Coalition of the Spineless will be getting their asses kicked in November, but I'm still voting for them. What other choice do we have?

  3. My rep is a spineless potato head but I can't call him evil. And despite occasionally pissing himself and voting with the rabble (last time was the ACORN vote)he has been pretty much jumping only when Ms Nancy says jump. Not much else on the shelf in this district. At least I get to vote for Gilly in the Senate.

  4. I'm not voting for any of the above. guess that means i can't vote. lol

  5. Beleck3, sure you're voting for one of the above. It's a multiple choice test. You get to bubble one, maybe two of the above answers, but no more. And if you fail to bubble in *any* answer, well, you get the question wrong, duh. Not to mention that failure to vote is the same thing as voting for the dude who won, because what you're saying is that you don't mind him winning... thus why I complain about Democrats whining about Bush "stealing" the 2000 election, over 20% of potential voters basically said "we don't mind Bush being President" and voted for him by sitting on their butts at home. Congratulations, American non-voters!

    - Badtux the Electoral Penguin

  6. Mrs. Bukko and I DID bother to vote. Since we were in San Francisco, and we like the City Hall building -- it's beautiful! -- we stopped in and went to the Elections Supervisor's office in the basement. Getting an overseas absentee ballot was easy-peasy. They had already mailed on to where we used to live in Australia, but gave us another one. All we can vote for is on federal elections -U.S. Senator and Representative for the district where we used to live. Shortest ballot in California. So we did our civic duty, and I can say I voted against Carly Fiorina.


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