Sunday, October 10, 2010

The plundering class loves unemployment

Did anybody notice that the Dow Jones broke 11,000 Friday right after the announcement of horrific job losses for September? What's up with that, you wonder? Well, it's simple. Deflation and depression is great for the plundering class -- the billionaire leeches who don't know how to build anything, can't make or design anything, just leech off of the designs and labors of the people who create the actual wealth in this nation. Remember, wealth is *stuff* -- goods and services -- not green-colored toilet paper with pictures of dead people on it, which is just a tool used in the transfer of wealth from point A to point B -- or misuse to do so, if you figure out some way to acquire it without yourself creating any wealth.

So anyhow: The leeches conned the majority of Americans into going into debt, and then deflated the currency with the banking crash and the housing crash so that people can't afford to pay that debt in the now-more-expensive dollars. Now they're sucking in all the real wealth -- the houses and the factories, the mines and the farms -- while the people who actually created all that wealth are thrown into the gutter. And the more people in the gutter -- the more people out of work, the more people desperate and homeless -- well, where does their real wealth go? Uhm... into the coffers of the plundering class, duh.

Of course, there is a problem with looting and plundering as your plan to get rich. Eventually you run out of things to plunder, because people quit bothering making stuff. That's what caused the Soviet Union to collapse, and it's arguable that the United States is well down that road. But the looting and plundering class in the USA thinks this time is different, because so much of the real economy is located outside the USA -- e.g., all those Chinese factories making cheap Chinese stuff, all those Indian programmers banging out code in Bangalore, and so forth. So even if the majority of Americans are turned into serfs, servants to the looters, they feel they're still going to come out ahead of the game. Mexico North, that's their plan for America. And hey, it's working out so well in Mexico right now, right?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Thanks for commenting on this.

    I don't think that many people (okay, educated people anyway) have missed the meaning of these numbers recently.

    Which is a relief. And a big change from the benighted past.

    Now if only we could get citizens organized to really change the situation by electing new and honorable leaders to guide us out of this morass.


  2. Suzan
    One of the problems is that there don't appear to be enough honorable leaders to elect.
    Who wants to make politics their livelihood today? Those seeking pure power(and the wealth that goes with it) and someone with honorable intentions. If you fall into the second group you will be hounded almost unmercifully by lies and intrusions into areas of your personal life.
    Granted we need a lot more people in the second group but I don't think many have the stomach for it.


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