Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shorter Krugman

We Are So Fucked.

-- Badtux the sore-rear'ed Penguin


  1. I made the same post, though not quite so bluntly worded.

    Yup -WASF.

    I've only read the abstract, but these guys seem to thing the worst is behind us.


  2. Yeah, I scanned through that paper when Angry Bear linked to it (I do read econo-blogs though I rarely comment on them anymore, dealing with the Austerian bozos is like dealing with the retarded children of Bozo the Clown and Ann Coulter, they're both stupid and have the same level of mendacity as Richard Nixon). My take: They are patting themselves on the back for the fact that we've "merely" settled down to a Japan style Great Dismal, rather than plummet all the way into a Great Depression. Congratulations. Death by drowning in Jello Pudding sure is preferable to death by being tortured by CIA interrogators who put you in "stress positions", waterboard you, and beat you with rubber hoses, but you're still dead anyhow, and this economy is like Monty Python's dead parrot in the famous Dead Parrot skit: If not exactly nailed to her perch, she sure ain't movin'.

    - Badtux the Nailed Penguin


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