Monday, July 19, 2010

God Hates Lady Gaga

Yessiree, the brave folks at Westboro Baptist Church, fresh from saving us from the horrors of gay victims of hate crimes and dead soldiers fighting for a gay, gay America, turned out recently to save America from the horror of maybe-gay Lady Gaga. Luckily the Gaga lovingly told her "little monsters", "no violence, please." Otherwise the Westboro bunch woulda been smeared into paste on the pavement.

Next up: Westboro decides to picket a hardcore punk group. Somehow I doubt that would turn out quite the same way... :-).

-- Badtux the News Penguin


  1. Lady Gaga wasn't even on my radar screen until a few weeks ago when I spotted a news story about her.

    And she soon dropped off my radar screen.

  2. The Westboro Baptist Church People need a real beat down. The next time they show up somewhere to spit on our troops, I hope there's a thousand people to greet them, and silence them too. ;)
    Evil Tim the Racist Hater

  3. roflmao, thanks, I needed to laugh :)

  4. Too bad the Great Penguin slumbers. He would LOVE Lady Gaga.


  5. Jesus had 12 disciples. They were all male. Hummmmmmm!

    I'm just saying...

  6. Sad thing is, that their next target is the San Diego Comic Convention, which starts later this week. Don't they know that demonizing comics is so 1950's...

  7. Comics are gay? Hmm, let's see. Superheros wearing tight spandex and looking like the leather fetishists in the Pride parade, what with their muscles all hanging out for the bottoms to admire, check. Stories about discrimination against a (superhero) minority that is clearly a stand-in for gays, check. So I guess Westboro is right -- comics ARE gay, so God hates comics! Uhm, for some definition of "God" that looks suspiciously like Fred Phelps, anyhow...

    -- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  8. I've never been much of a Lady Gaga fan, but in this case, she has my full support. And furthermore...

    Give me one latex glove, one tube of lube, and thirty minutes alone with any one of these Westboro motherfuckers, and I'll turn him into a Bambi bottom. They're repressed as hell, and they make loud, moaning noises all the time anyway, this would be the next logical step for them...


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