Friday, July 16, 2010

Ordaining a woman is more horrific than raping a child

At least, if your name is Pope Ratzo. Yep, to Ratzo, raping a child is no worse a crime than ordaining a woman as a minister. Indeed, if you dare ordain a woman as a minister it is automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church... but raping a child? A slap on the hand, that's all. They *encourage* reporting it to the cops *if the law compels*. Uhm, excuse me? That should be the first thing any reasonable caring thinking person should be required to do, and the Catholic Church only "encourages" it, and only if the law *requires* it?!

I once had a great deal of respect for the Catholic Church. Yes, it had its problems, but the Church was also one of the few large-scale organizations on the planet that really cared about poverty, social justice, and human rights.

Today... none. There are still some good people down in the trenches at Catholic Services and so forth, but the whole institution has become so morally corrupt that it's clear any moral authority it once had is null and void. Hmm, sort of like the Republican Party, now that I think about it...

-- Badtux the Former Catholic Penguin


  1. The downfall is firmly to blame on Ratzinger. He does not like "liberation theology"....that was the guiding cry at the Jesuit parish I attended even after I stopped believing. And when John Paul II made it clear that he didn't much care for it and would be stomping it...I left completely.

  2. I was more or less raised a catholic, when we went to church, thankfully not that often.

    Father King had it figured out though, he just went to the whorehouses the mining towns we lived in, no butt fucking for him.

  3. Ah yes, the good old days, when men were men and the main reason for transferring priests was that they'd amassed too many children by too many mistresses in their current parish :). But y'know, for all that Father King was flawed, at the very least he was a man, pure and simple, with the needs of a man, and fulfilling those needs in the time-honored way of men everywhere who for whatever reason cannot have the company of women in their daily life. He shared a lot in common with the lonely sailors and Marines who patronized whores around the world, a man doing what a man does. That activity between two consenting adults is entirely different from raping a child.

    And there, I guess, is the difference between the Church of Father King's day and today's Church...

    - Badtux the Former Catholic Penguin

  4. are penguins non religious? and why the similarity to nuns?
    just wondering an amused fan

  5. Froggy, penguins are generally Tuxologists -- worshippers of the Great Penguin. The current popularity of ice hockey all over the United States is part of a secret plot by Tuxologists to finance the building of Ice Cathedrals for the purpose of partaking of the Sacrament of the Herring, and if at a hocky game you see some formally dressed short big-nosed folks at the back of the crowd who do not appear to be paying attention to the game but, rather, are passing around small bits of herring on a cracker while drinking beer, you have stumbled upon a secret and solemn religious ceremony celebrating His continued somnolence (the Great Penguin is a lazy penguin, okay? And we like it that way!). Just beware if the herring appears to be raw rather than kippered, because that means you have stumbled upon a cell of schismatic Rawists fundamentalists rather than good upright Kipperists, and your fate may not be good if they discover you observing their ceremony... as with religious fundamentalists everywhere, Rawists tend to be violent, and you risk the Rawists gathering around you and, err.... giving you a wedgie. The horror, oh the horror!

    Hey, what can I say, worshipping a lazy fat sleepy penguin that has been asleep for the past few million years doesn't exactly drive one to energetic exercise of violence...

    As for the similarity between nuns and penguins, this is actually a secret acknowledgement by the Catholic Church of the *true* nature of man.... see, the Christian fundamentalists were right. Man is *not* evolved from monkeys. Rather, Man is *devolved*... from His perfect creature, PENGUINS! And the devolution is continuing, thus the existence of the band "Devo" and teabaggers. The penguin attire is a sad attempt by nuns to re-attain the state of grace that Man had when Mankind was simply a slightly less formally attired breed of penguin.

    So there you have it -- the Truth, as laid out in the holy scriptures of the Church of Tuxology. And if you refuse to believe it... die, heretic, die! Well, eventually, anyhow. We all do, after all.

    - Badtux the Religious Penguin

  6. I didn't have much respect for the Catholic church until I needed Catholic Charities. I'm still grateful for the help, but I still know a lot of "recovering Catholics" also.

  7. ps, the comment on Tuxology made me laugh, thanks, I need it, it's gonna be hot today :)


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