Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been recently made aware of the fact that a major criminal religious organization is locating close to the World Trade Center towers! This criminal organization is well known for the criminal acts of its clergy and membership, including major acts of terrorism against U.S. allies, abusive behavior towards women and children, and a general medieval mindset that views women as property and demands absolute obedience. This religion has a history of forced conversions at gunpoint and of murdering Jews.

Given all these facts about this criminal religious organization... how in the world can we contenance Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Church being located within the perimeter of the World Trade Center security area?!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Note: St. Peter's is located approximately the same distance from the WTC site as the proposed mosque that has the tighty whitey righties' panties in such a dither.


  1. The saddest part is the Xtians opposing the mosque are closer in spirit to the Talib and Salafis than this group of Muslims are.

  2. Tux
    Have you ever hard such utter bullshit over nothing. This was a great comparison. I have to remember it in order to help repudiate the wingers who come over and try and agitate.

  3. Don't you mean refudiate, Tim? :).

    - Badtux the Helpful Penguin

  4. So Scientology, then?

    Get real, Hubbard died insane, a well kept secret.

    Just follow your own path.

  5. It is all part of god's plan. Why are you questioning it?

  6. These people are arguing that because it was Muslim extremists who were responsible for 9/11, a mosque shouldn't be built anywhere near the site of the attacks. So, by their reasoning, should all Christian churches in Oklahoma City be torn down?

  7. Based on that criteria, there are lots of places in the world where christian churches should not be.


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