Thursday, July 01, 2010

Next right-wing target: Public libraries

Fox News proposes eliminating Chicago's public libraries. Because libraries are socialism. As are police forces, fire departments, interstate highways, post offices, and all those other things that our founding fathers supported and, in some cases, wrote directly into the Constitution (like post offices and interstate highways, which they called "post roads").

OMG... that means our founding fathers were.... (gasp).... SOCIALISTS! But I forget, that's those stupid liberal FACT thingies from those notoriously liberal TEXTBOOKS or from the actual text of the Constitution. It wasn't said by Rush Limpdick or Glenn BatshitCrazy Beck, so clearly it can't be true... clearly those wiley lie-berals have tampered with the text of the Constitution that's in our textbooks!

Remember, boys and girls, if you aren't stupid and ignorant, if you dare darken the doors of one of them thare libary places and, like, learn them un-American fact thingies, why... you aren't a REAL American. Yessiree, ignorant is the only American way to be, you don't wanna be one of them, like, fact-spewin' EGGHEDS, do ya?!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Oh, this isn't even a new idea - Sarah Palin implemented it in Wasilla years ago. Shame on Faux News for not giving credit where it's due.

  2. Public libraries? NO WAY

    They'll have to grab the book from my cold dead hands...

  3. They really are turning into walking, talking daisy ads, aren't they?

    As a librarian's daughter, I have three things to say: Fuck off, Fox.

  4. Actually, I do not think that police is something that they oppose. After all, how can you have a police state without police? I would add schools to that list. They do want to take us back to a simpler time when a decent education was a privilege only for the well-to-do.

    Yeah, ideology needs to make people ignorant and dumb so that they cannot think for themselves. Critical thinking is the bane of ideology therefore, it is something to be eliminated.

  5. I like libraries, but I don't like the high wages they pay to the administrators.

  6. Well, now we know they are at least smart enough to recognize the enemy.

    Although that really intelligent, small-glasses-wearing Glenn Beck would be an exception to their rule, wouldn't he?



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