Saturday, February 12, 2005

War on Fun(tm) Continues

As some of you know, one of this penguin's hobbies is keeping a watch on what our intrepid Attorney General of the United States does. This was a lot of fun when Pastor John was attorney general. He was always making outraged statements about how somebody, somewhere, was having fun, and how evil that was.

Now, the question is, does our new Attorney General, Abu "I Love Torture!" Gonzales, embrace the War On Fun(tm) too? And the answer is, of course, YES!

Seems that somewhere in Santa Fe, New Mexico, these Brazillians were having some fun. In CHURCH, no less! Oh the horror! Church? Fun? What next, fatty foods that slim you down? Cigarettes that are good for you? Beer that makes you sober? Heresy!

But never fear, Attorney General Abu is on the case, and before you know it, these horrible people will be having no fun at all! After all, fun is un-American, everybody knows that!

- Badtux the "Fun? Isn't that un-American?" Penguin


  1. Heresy? Check back with me on the battle. I linked you on this with a new post.

    You probably want to check this post on the move to turn gay penguins straight. Not that there is anything wrong with gay penguins.

    Use your flippers to give yourself a nice pat on the back.

    Now get back to work

  2. I wonder if you're gonna oversee a new blog about God's Chosen Attorney General, just like good ol' John Asscroft. Remember him?

  3. Sorry, Mr. Angrypat, Gonzales is altogether too banal to make good fodder for a blog dedicated to his foibles. He doesn't sing bad gospel songs. He doesn't gather his whole staff together every morning for a prayer meeting. He's just pure, banal evil, not the bumbling incompetent kind like Asscroft was that's easy to make fun of, but the kind of guy who makes legal justifications for torture with all sincerity. So while I will cover him, he doesn't get his own blog. He's just not flamboyant enough for that...


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