Thursday, February 17, 2005

War on Catholo-fascism continues!

A Catholo-fascist enemy of America
With the announcement that John Negroponte' shall be the new intelligence director of the United States, we can rest assured now that we are safe from the threat of Catholo-fascist nuns. Indeed, John Negroponte's record in the battle against Catholo-fascism has been unenviable, just as the Bush Administration's record against the Catholo-fascist threat has similarly been sterling.

Look, ever since that Papist freak in the Vatican along with hundreds of Catholo-fascist bishops insisted that the war in Iraq was immoral, we've all known what the real threat to America is: Catholo-fascism. Their insistence upon peace, justice, and human rights will KILL US ALL! Look, if God didn't intend for us to kill darkies, He wouldn't have invented M-16 rifles and F-16 fighter jets! Us good red-blooded Americans defeated the Catholo-fascist John Kerry when he ran for President, but those Catholo-fascists just won't stop with their wishy-washy wobblings about how killing darkies is wrong and immoral.

The only good nun
But never fear, Negroponte is here! Let no nun be undropped from a helicopter! Let no priest be unassassinated! He did it for Hondurus and El Salvadore, he can do it for the good ole' U.S. of A . also!

- Badtux the Sarcastic Penguin

[Note: This is satire. To quote Mario Cuomo about Negroponte and his ilk: "They kill nuns, and then lie about it." This brutal thug is the man we want running our intelligence services?!]


  1. Pengy, Can I call you Pengy?

    Dark, dark. The Heretik knows about dark, because he has all this heat and light down here working the desk at the mouth of hell. Many have noted your contibutions with the Forces for Fun. You are getting a lot of press at
    Come by soon. Good job, now get back to work.

    The Heretik's Research Assistant

  2. No, you may not call me 'Pengy'. Do you want me to call you 'Tiky"? No? Okay, then!

    The Heritik is on my blogroll, and is read regularly. You do not need to spam further!

    Meanwhile, tomorrow's saga will once again be about the War on Fun(tm), this one being the war against pictures that make a man's jones salute, hubba hubba ERRK! Get your paws off my neck, Mr. Gonzales!

    - Badtux the Happy Penguin

  3. You may call me Tiky. Good luck in the war on fun, an important front in The War on Everything (tm), all part of The Fight That Must Be Won (tm).

    Monty Python musical is coming to Broadway. Spammity, Spam


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