Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The NRA and property rights

The NRA is trying to get laws passed which would force me to allow guns on *MY* property. My property. That I own, that I pay the taxes on, the NRA sez I have to let employees or customers carry guns onto my property. They claim gun rights trump property rights. I call bullshit. I have a right of association guaranteed by the 1st Amendment that trumps any rights granted by the 2nd Amendment. I can choose not to associate with people as customers or as employees who carry guns onto my property, and can choose to indeed order them off of my property and never to return, and that's my right under the Constitution. The NRA with its Communist insistence that I must associate with their members even if I consider their members to be dangerous loons is complete ridiculousness.

I own guns. I know how to shoot guns. I don't carry a gun to work. It's not appropriate, it's not professional, it's not something which reassures my fellow employees or customers, I don't do it and I choose to not associate with others who do haul shootin' irons to work. You have a right to keep and bear arms. I have a right to tell ya, do your keepin' and bearin' someplace else, not on my property. That's my right as an American, and the NRA wants to take my rights away. Well fuck them and the horse they rode in on too. 'Nuff said on that.

-- Badtux the Well-armed Penguin


  1. This is something I've been screaming about for years. Back in 2006, I posted a long piece when the NRA tried to ram one of these "forced carry" laws through the Legislature in Oklahoma, and again in '08 after a similar drive in Georgia (as I noted at the same, "and if Georgia , rebel stronghold that it is, didn't pass this the first time around, you know it's a bad law").

    Unfortunately, you will probably be subjected to the same blistering criticism -- and a couple of thinly-veiled death threats -- that I received.

    Good luck, brother.

  2. The NRA has moved from a gun rights organization to a "my gun rights supersede any of your rights" organization. In other words, they are no longer Americans.

  3. the right to bear arms
    is not really a right
    more like a privilege
    turned into a blight

    so how many guns
    does one truly need
    some people have arsenals
    is it insanity or greed

    now guns in the workplace
    please give me a break
    how many must die
    to end this mistake

    guns are for hunting
    sometimes self defense
    machine guns and handguns
    just don't make any sense

    the NRA is a disease
    that creates misdirection
    this country needs help
    to end this infection

  4. Florida law allows you to store your arsenal in a privately own vehicle in the parking lot, but it also allows you to shoot anyone you think is a threat on your property, so you can't tell people they can't bring guns to your parking, but it's OK to shoot them if they do.

    This is what passes for thought in the Florida legislature.


  5. I agree entirely with your stand on property rights but I don't think you do. Maybe you do but then you must support the right of a racist not to serve the race he is biased against and the right of a bar owner/ restaurant owner to allow smoking in their establishments.

  6. Brent, please tell me the difference between these two categories:

    Category One:
    People packing visible six-guns on their hips
    People with visible piercings
    Women wearing daisy dukes and halter tops
    People browsing porn at the job

    Category Two:
    People who are African-American
    People suffering from cerebral palsy
    People who are elderly

    What is the difference between these two categories?

    Hint: Category One is comprised of (poor) choices that people made, and if those people come to my doorway and ask for a job, I'm well within my rights to tell them to go away. But the government won't let me do that for the people in Category Two. So what is the difference between Category One and Category Two?


    Gave up yet? Okay. Here's the difference. If you come to my doorway with a six-gun on your hip, and I tell you to go away, you can go home, leave the six-gun at home, and come back. If you come to my doorway and you're black, on the other hand... well, you're born black, you can't leave it a home.

    In short, Category One is choices people made. Category Two is things people have no control over. You can't decide to be born black. You simply are born that way. You can't leave being old at home. Once you become old, you're old. I can tell you to leave your gun at home if you want to be on my job site, and you can leave your gun at home. I can't tell you to leave your woman-ness or black-ness at home, because it's something you were born with. Thus why it's illegal for me to discriminate against you on that basis -- if you made bad choices, fine, but we've decided, as a society, that discriminating against you for the way you were born and have no choice about is just plain wrong.

    - Badtux the Choices Penguin


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