Friday, February 19, 2010

Expensive butt warmer

The Mighty Fang has a new $2000 butt warmer. GRRRRRRrrrr! (And sorry about the picture quality, I had to take this with my iPhone because the cats run for cover anytime I pull out the real camera nowadays). BTW, that's a normal-sized Macbook Pro 13.3" laptop. TMF is *BIG*!

-- Badtux the Keyboard-furred Penguin


  1. Aren't cats amazing in terms of finding the smallest patch of warmth and exploiting it?

  2. I wondered who ran the household. All doubt has now been removed.

    jXb the head-shaking trombonist

  3. I had a customer call and complain that his laptop keyboard was missing keys and could I help. I arrived on site and the story was that his cat was laying on the keyboard and when my client tried to peel him off, he grasped 4handfuls (clawfuls?) of keyboard keys and took them wih him. In the process, he snapped many little springs and mangled the plastic grommets.

    Also, is that a bottle of hot sauce on the desk? I keep one on my desk as well. You never know when the pizza will be a little bland (unless you read Badtux's pizza review).

    Thanx again.

  4. Lisa, if my lap is available he chooses that. If not available because I was taking my shower then putting my clothes on to go to work... well.

    Jazz: When a cat is as big as TMF is, said cat goes where he wants, when he wants. 'Nuff said ;).

    Ghost: I doubt TMF would chase a mouse around. He'd probably look up at me and go, "Mrow?" which is cat for, "go fetch that mouse for me, staff!".

    Greendayman: Darn tootin' that's a bottle of hot sauce. It's less than a week old too, and you notice how much is already missing? Heh.

  5. Two things I segregate from my electronic equipment and musical instruments are cats and hot sauce.

    But that's just me.

    jXb the hot, saucy trombone cat

  6. Jazz, my computer and music setup is in a corner of my living room, which has no doors between it and the kitchen and dining room and hallway. Unless I want to lock the cats in the bathroom, there's no keeping them away from the gear, I just have to remember to slide the keyboard tray under the desk and close the lid on the laptop before I go do anything, sigh!

    As for hot sauce, hot sauce goes with anything! 'Nuff said there!

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  7. I was just thinkin' the other day that I had not heard from TMF in a while. Good to see he's still Lord of the Universe.

  8. G.D. --

    I had fleeting thought of the Stray Cats recently. Was thinking of points of disjunction with the co-writer (it'd probably be easier to list points of union.)

    Anyway, I thought: Punk & Funk, and rockabilly, he has no knowledge of. But hey, he does Lilith Fair and I won't touch it. Hence, the Cats.


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