Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy happy happy

This is a damn fine song, but I can't find a good video of it anywhere on YouTube because the crowd loves it so much they applaud and shout and mangle the lyrics themselves and drown out the real singers. This is the Drive-By Truckers doing "Hell No I ain't Happy". That should probably be the new national anthem, given that we're hip-deep in a river of shit and the river's rising fast. This is off of their Decoration Day album. Have I mentioned that you ought to own that album? Hmm?

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. One of the few faux country songs that I ever liked was "Take this job and shove it."

    Bunch of stoner buddies tried to pick a theme song for me at a party.

    Willie Nelson's "On the road again" got a lot of votes.

    The Eagle's "Take it to the limit" almost tied.

    Savoy Brown's "Hellbound Train" & "Tell mama" got mentioned."

    I personally favored Black Sabbath's "Killing yourself to live."

  2. I'd call this a "country rock" song. It's just a shame that the lyrics are being drowned out by the audience's booze-fueled shouting-out of the lyrics combined with a bad mix. It's a great song.

    I have no idea what song my buddies would choose as my theme song. I'd hope it's not a country song though, I'm not much of a fan of country music...

    - Badtux the Musical Penguin


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