Sunday, February 07, 2010

Does this make me a bad person?

Somehow I ended up at this Lady Gaga video after watching this deathcore metal video which somehow I had arrived at while reading a thread at a music forum entitled "Taylor Swift Can't Sing" about Taylor Swift's disastrous Grammy performance and started laughing uncontrollably when Ms. Germanotta spouted that "wanna ride on your disco stick" line, to the point where I had to stop the video because the tears were flowing down my face I was laughing so hard.

Does that make me a bad person? Curious penguins want to know!

-- Badtux the Music Critic Penguin

I think the point was that Taylor Swift was so off-key that she would have sounded better if she'd adopted a deathcore growl, and Lady Gaga sang more on-tune than Taylor Swift... or something like that. I guess it was funnier in context.


  1. Can't comment; watching The Who.

  2. Who is Taylor Swift?

  3. That Stephanie Germanetti video you posted a while back convinced me the girl has talent.

    Taylor Swift, on the other hand, seems not to.

    Carrie Underwood just barely survived the National Anthem at the super bowl. After stumbling though a minefield of psuedo-keys related by semitones, she went waaay sour on "brave." Nobody seemed to notice

    Life's a bitch. What ya gonna do?

    You'll have to find some other reason to be a bad person.

    Maybe join the WTO.

    We were just talking about medieval tendencies. It's not just an analogy.


  4. "a minefield of pseudo-keys related by semitones"... ROFL.

    I guess I'm just easily amused nowdays.

    But anyhow, Taylor Swift does have some talent. She seems to have a talent for writing trite-but-catchy pop songs that people with empty heads love to singalong to. But singing does *not* appear to be one of her talents... and I don't buy the "it's her in-ear monitor!" thing, she looked happy as a clam singing (off-key) at the Grammies, she didn't have her hand over her ear wagging her fingers up or down to signal the soundman that her mix was bad or anything like that, she wasn't grimacing in concentration trying to pick her voice out of a muddy mix, she was just... off-key.

    They ought to just auto-tune the poor girl even live. Yeah, auto-tune has artifacts, it adds a "notchiness" to the vocals that is noticable as it hikes the vocals up or down in the scale to match them to an actual key as vs. somewhere out there. But Taylor Swift's vocals are already pretty notchy to begin with (probably because she's trained herself to sing for the auto-tune box in the studio), and it can't be worse than what she did at the Grammies.

    - Badtux the On-key Penguin

  5. Holy Shit. I just tried listening to Taylor, and couldn't make to the one minute mark.

    I don't even have an especially good ear (which is pretty dangerous considering my horn has a slide) but it sounded disastrous to me. Right from the very first note.

    There's a famous recording by Charley Parker and Dizzy Gillespie where Diz goes horribly flat on the last note. Can't remember what song it was. The difference is, he got all the other ones right.



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