Friday, October 02, 2009

The villagers are nervous

Safely ensconced in their ivory towers at the New York Times, Washington Post, and other mainstream media outlets, the Villagers have happily joined in on assisting the rabble rousing and sideshow screeching that characterizes the modern Republican Party in the aftermath of Obama's victory in November. They haughtily proclaim that they're merely reporting, not inciting, but you can almost see their hands rubbing in glee at the notion that they can create controversies to report upon and therefore justify their existence.

But the Villagers, like Dr. Frankenstein, are now starting to look upon their creation -- a rabid right-wing rabble that is becoming increasingly rowdy and perhaps even violent -- with alarm. Even Thomas Friedman of "Friedman Unit" fame, most famous for being the world's dumbest pundit due to his pronouncement every six months since March 2003 that "the corner has been turned and in six months Iraq will be paradise", is expressing alarm. And when The World's Dumbest Pundit acknowledges the obvious -- that these right-wing lunatics are, well, nuts -- then you know it's obvious.

But will the Villagers ever accept their own responsibility in winding up the right by faithfully reporting nonsense like "Death Panels" and "free healthcare for illegals"? Of course not. They're the Villagers, after all, isolated in their insular Village where nobody has to take responsibility for anything because, well, they just don't, that's all. Responsibility is for the little people, not for them. So it goes in the United States of Irresponsibility, where it's always someone elses's responsibility -- not ours.

-- Badtux the Nervous Penguin


  1. First Lindsey Graham called the crazies out, then David Brooks did it, and now Tom Friedman is doing it. If this is the start of a trend, then I'm all for it.

    None of this has made me started liking Grahan, Brooks, or Friedman. But I'll say one thing for these guys: none of them is batfuck crazy. And just maybe, that's enough to matter.

    If we must have a two-party system, then I want the members of the party I despise more than the other to be reasonably intelligent and to possess a fair measure of basic decency when dealing with others. Disagreement with Republicans on any number of issues -- that I can handle. But when one or more of your political opponents start asking questions like, "Should Obama be killed?"...

    Listen, I freely admit that I hated Bush the Lesser's guts when he was President. But I never once suggested that he should be killed. That is one line you simply do not cross, no matter what your political views are. We're the ones who call our country the shining city on a hill, so maybe we should start trying to live up to the standards and responsibilities that come with that territory, rather than risk letting the hysterics tear it all down...

  2. That does seem to be one of the hallmarks of those people, doesn't it? It's never their fault.

  3. Nice pic.
    We are all The Prisoner now.

  4. It's all a game to the villagers, especially the ones like Glenn BecKKK and Oxycontin Rush. They don't have to live in a double-wide with any of the crazies they stir up, or worry that the nutbags are going to get drunk and pissed off at them for some slight and they'll pull out their 9 mm in their living room and point it in THEIR faces.

    "Hey, let's poke the pit bulls inside the chain-link fence and listen to them growl and bark!" Lulz all around...

  5. Not nervous nearly enough for my taste.

    Thanks, BT!



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