Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Music

I have something to say about the economic news and what it means, but it's rather depressing. So here's some Rilo Kiley. For the male of the species, watching Jenny Lewis enunciate will cheer you up quickly :).

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Bad economic news ? Is any economic news lately good ?
    Been out of official work (taxes paid) since Feb 08 . NO unemployment . Been surviving on backyard mechanic work . Sept I think I made $60. My wife's disability pays the mortgage and power and internet(so far) . Applied for every reasonable job in town , but even stuff I am remotely qualified for doesn't call back .
    Next stop is Fast Food and I hope to God they will take a 56 year old .
    Economics ? What the fuck is that ? Must be related to that money stuff I never see anymore .
    a down and almost out w3ski

  2. Watch the Jenny Lewis clip. That should cheer you up for about four minutes.

    - Badtux the No Answers Penguin

  3. Sorry B/T , no help there . Enuunciate ? Even with head phones I could only get one word in 5 . Cute girl , but having 4 kids of my own , 3 daughters as old or older than her kinda stamps that out .
    Ever hear Cold Blood with Lydia Pence ? Now there is a Lady that can Sing and peforming in a see thru knit dress on a sunny day didn't hurt a thing . I hear she is a Grandmother now but she can still Wail with the Best of em .
    Makes me wonder what would Joplin be like now had she lived ? A grandparent like most of us sure , but grey hair and fat with a whisper of a voice left ??? Grace Slick made the change and seems happy but Joplin ? I just can't see it .
    a wistfull w3ski

  4. Color me baffled, I'm having no problem understanding each word she is enunciating. Jenny spent years in acting school when she should have been going to regular school (she was a child actress who appeared in a number of forgettable movies in the early 90's) and making sure that what she's saying (or singing) is clear and understandable is as second nature to her as breathing. All I can guess is that your hearing is going because of too many Janis Joplin tunes heard from too close to the stage, plus the limits of YouTubing a 5 year old VCR tape of a Conan O'Brien show which doesn't lend towards the clearest of video or audio.

    And if a cute young thing enjoying herself doesn't make you smile, I'm baffled at what could. Yeah, her music is as forgettable as her movies were, the musical equivalent of Troop Beverly Hills. But it's not intended to be anything but what it is -- i.e., entertainment intended to make you smile. Comparing what she does to what Janis Joplin did probably isn't appropriate, they just had different reasons for singing. The other music I'm listening to right now is way heavy but hey, even a heavy penguin needs light entertainment from time to time...

    - Badtux the Music Penguin

  5. I have something to say about the economic news and what it means, but it's rather depressing.

    I have things to say about it at times but all in all it doesn't matter to me one way or the other how it all is.

    It goes up, it goes down, it's always been that way. I always have what I need and a bit more, that is all I care about.


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