Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yay, it's a kitty pile!

After the previous nastiness, I needed some cute. The Mighty Fang and Mencken chillin' on my quilt. Yeah, I have problems getting my bed made up in the morning due to all the fur-bearin' varmints that occupy the place...

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Your a lucky Guy...;)

  2. Do Penguins feel that two to one is fair? Or do you just adore being konged by kittens? Curious monkeys yuk it up at answers.

  3. My bedmaking scheme: Put cat #1 in the window. Put cat #2 on a pillow. Pull up sheet. Put cat #2 back on pillow. Pull up blanket. Put cat #1 back in window and cat #2 back on pillow. Pull up quilt. Allow whichever cat got covered by the quilt to wiggle his own way out.

    Fortunately, only two of my three cats are "bedmaking helpers".

  4. Tim: Yes, I am. My two kittehs are sweeties.

    Martin: You are assuming that the cats conspire against me. That, sir, is ridiculous. A conspiracy of cats? Nonsense. Cats are like Democrats -- utterly incapable of working together in unity against a common opponent, spending most of their time squabbling for dominance amongst themselves. Besides, I am the only one in the household with opposable thumbs and thereby hold the keys to the almighty Can Opener. That is important. I know that is so because the cats tell me so, loudly and bitterly, when they run out of food around noontime and have to wait until evening to get fed because they are on a diet (doctor's orders).

    Minerva: Yes, the process in my household is much the same, but when said cats are 16 pounds and 18 pounds respectively, there is only so much relocation of cats that can occur before I say "f*** it, the bed is made far enough" ;).

    - Badtux the Kitteh-pile-admirin' Penguin

  5. You might have seen this cat-toon before, but I just came across it and found it funny: "Cat and Laser Pointer."

  6. Sweet! Beautiful kitty pile! It's a wonderful problem to have, and I can certainly relate. I finally decided to let the kitties make the bed when they get up. I have to say, the cats around here are the laziest cats I know. Do they even get OUT of bed?


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