Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Republican crook?

But I'm being redundant, of course. Seems that Meg Whitman, who is likely to be the Republican candidate for governor against Jerry Brown (D-Old), used her position on the Goldman-Sachs board to buy pre-IPO stocks of over 100 companies before they were sold to the public and accepted bribes from Goldman-Sachs to list eBay with them for eBay's IPO. Oh, they're not *called* bribes, it's called "spinning", but bribes it be.

Disclaimer: I have benefitted from the same practice (spinning) in the past. But I was not in an executive position with the power to decide who listed my company's IPO. Meggers was. That's the difference. She took a bribe to list with Goldman-Sachs, pure and simple, and if that's not illegal, it should be.

-- Badtux the not-Republican Penguin


  1. But just think what she did with Ebay,oh yeah she was crooked then too.

  2. No charges filed? Aren't there laws? Where Elliot Spizer when you need him?


  3. And Martha Stewart went to prison for what was, by comparison, chump change.

  4. Naw, Martha went to prison for lying to a Fed. eBay Meg doesn't lie, she outright says "Yeah, I did it, so what? Everybody did it back then."

    - Badtux the "At least she's honest about being a crook" Penguin

  5. The question is, will anybody use the Goldscam connection against Whitman?

    Sadly, I can see a Repiglickin primary challenger doing it, because they're nasty fecks, but not a Dimwittocrat. For whatever reason -- manners, timidity, being-part-of-the-overarching-corporatist-conspiracy -- they won't do it.

    And if it's only somebody minor calling "Goldman" on Whitman, it will get zero attention because the corporate meeja won't touch it. Gotta bribe the meeja with hundreds of thousands of ad dollars if you want them to pay attention.

    Perhaps Jerry Brown is enough of a fighter to bring it. But as much as I like him these days (which is not immensely, but more than when I held the Mike Royko view of Brown during the 80s and 90s) I gotta ask this -- are there no NEW Democratic politicians in California? Why is a guy who peaked when he was porking Linda Ronstadt being recycled in the 21st Century? Does the choice have to be between Jerry or some hapless mook like the one who ran and failed against Schwarzenazi in 2006?

    (Who was that, anyway? Angelides? I could Google it, but I just don't care enough to do the keystrokes.)


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