Friday, April 23, 2010

The Return of the Mighty Fang

The Mighty Fang is on top of his warm vibrating catalounger. Yes, that's a full-sized dryer, *not* a compact model. Yes, The Mighty Fang *is* that big.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. We apply the flea dip, worm pills, salve, ear mite goop etc up there because it gets the critter in reach without a purchase for claws.
    We do not have a catalounger there even though half the mob are that big. Kinda.
    They prefer elsewhere.
    that may be worse.

  2. Bah, my cats are that big, and half feral, they could whip Fangs ass. :-)

  3. Martin: my suspicion is that your feline companions associate the warm butt-vibrating catalounger with being flea-dipped, that is why they are no longer able to enjoy its warmth and massaging capabilities. How inconsiderate of the needs of your masters! Clearly said kittehs are wishing for better staff!

    BBC: Bah humbug. The Mighty Fang would lick your ferals. Literally. He *loves* grooming other kittehs, and is such a big bumbling friendly guy that generally they give up trying to whip his ass and just submit dutifully to their ear cleanings and behind-ear groomings, those being the places they cannot reach themselves with their tongues. Heck, my mom came over with some dumb idiot poodle dog and he ended up having that *dog* submit to the requisite groomings. Sometimes, dear grouchy fellow, being a nice guy does mean something, and The Mighty Fang is a genuinely nice kitteh and the other kittehs (and even doggies) feel bad about themselves for beating up on him when he's just trying to give them a good purr-inducing grooming of parts of their anatomy they have difficulty grooming themselves...

    - Badtux the Nice-cat-owned Penguin


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