Thursday, August 25, 2005

You're not fat unless someone says you are

One of the interesting things about the Bush Administration is its insistence that reality is whatever people decide it is, and thus if liberals and small-state libertarians refuse to believe that Iraq is a peaceful paradise, their lack of belief in and of itself causes the problems in Iraq. This is very much a faith-based regime, which believes implicitly in Orwell's Ministry of Truth and its dictum that "truth is what we say it is", i.e., that there is no objective reality, only belief. And their hordes of faith-based zealot followers are eager to agree. In Bushevik America, 2+2=5. Except when it's 3, or 4, or all of them at the same time.

Given this, it was only a matter of time before fat people in Bushevik America would start blaming those who call them fat for their obesity. After all, if nobody ever said they were fat, they wouldn't be. Remember, in Bushevik America, reality is what people say it is, rather than some fixed thing that simply is. Thus the rather interesting case of the doctor in trouble for telling a patient that she was obese and needed to lose weight. Thus requiring that she enter into nutritional counselling and exercise programs to lose weight, whereas if the doctor had not told her this, she would have been slim without the need for all that extra hassle and expense.

War is peace. Tyranny is freedom. The burkha is women's rights. Fat is slim. Welcome to 1984+21.

- Badtux the "I'm not fat, I'm just pleasantly plump!" Penguin


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