Tuesday, August 02, 2005

1800 dead and all is well

"Pissed off Patricia" at Blondesense notes that we've passed the 1800 dead mark, and asks: "What will happen when we hit 2000?"

Well, I have the answer to that: Absolutely nothing.

Look, we whine and rant and rave. But really, what does that matter? Mao said that power flows from the barrel of a gun, and the Party takes that to heart. In the end, slavery is our fate, and slaves is what we are, and the guns of the Party in the form of local police forces, IRS agents, etc. ensure that this remains so.

Now I hear you say, "but I am not a slave, I am a free man!" And why do you say this? Are you free to march to Washington D.C. today and protest the illegal actions of the Bush Administration for as long as it takes to drive the Party from power? Are you free to board a commercial airliner without a State-issued ID card, without getting groped? Are you free to run for an elected national political position in any meaningful (i.e., likely to get elected) manner? Are you free to compete for Iraq rebuilding contracts on equal terms with Halliburton? In this porkocracy in which we live, all animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others. We are free merely to rant and rave uselessly, and only during those hours in which we are not slaves to our employers, enslaved to our mortgages and car payments and all else that keeps us from being homeless bums on the street, ignored, spat upon, eventually to die of exposure or hunger or simple lack of will to live, un-noted, buried in an unmarked grave in the pauper's section of the local graveyard with hundreds of other nobodies.

That is our choice: Slavery, or death. A choice enforced by the guns of the porkocracy, which gives the porkocrats special priviliges and advantages that ensure that they always remain the masters and we always remain the ruled, that ensures that if we fail to properly kow-tow to the porkocrats they will come and take our homes and cars and every earthly good away at gunpoint and throw us out onto the streets to die, unnamed, unknown, useless. And of course we choose slavery rather than to die at the hands of the bought-and-paid for police forces of the porkocrats or die a homeless bum, and then delude ourselves that we are "free" because we chose to be slaves rather than to die.

But I have a secret: We monkeys are happier as slaves. The apologists for Southern slavery insisted that blacks were happier under slavery, and perhaps they were right. As monkeys, we have instinctively built into us a desire to follow an alpha male. We are slaves, and happy to be slaves, and we get exactly what we want, and all this pissing and whining and moaning and groaning is just some meaningless "freedom" allowed us by the slavemasters, irrelevant, of no import, ineffective, but it allows us to claim we are "free" rather than being slaves so it does serve the slavemasters' agenda...

The "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave"? Honey, that ain't been true for over a hundred years, and sure as hell ain't true today. And as long as we continue to insist that the ability to rant on a meaningless blog means we're "free", it ain't changin' anytime soon.

- Badtux the Cynical Penguin

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