Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The face of evil

Look at this face. Keep your eyes open for this face. Because this is the face of evil, requiring three police cars and a helicopter to take her down. She's lean, she's mean, she's 11 years old, and she's going on trial for defending herself against a pack of rock-throwing boys.

Her mistake: She threw one of the rocks back at them. And hit one of the boys.

Obviously this makes her a hardened criminal, who must be locked in with a bunch of gang-bangers for 5 days before being allowed bail, then put on trial for her crime of being a girl who got fed up with being pelted with rocks and water balloons. Why, the only thing worse she could have done would have been to carry a burrito. That would have required calling out a whole SWAT team!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. Atleast her sleazy parents didnt have a gun around at the time...

  2. Please take the girl's picture down. She is so scary looking I am having nightmares. She looks like she might "kick toward me", as she did t oward the police.

    What the hell is "kick toward" supposed to be? These cops charged her with resisting because she "kicked toward" them. And she scratched one on the arm. Oh my. An eleven year old girl scratched the policeman's arm. Now he'll have to go on disability. What is she, six foot eight and 230 pounds that they needed three cop cars and the cops are all scared of her? Another stupid story about over-reaction. I have always heard that good cops defuse a situation and calm it down so that nobody needs to be kicked towards or scratched on their arm. It actually sounds like bad police work. Yeah, I'm sorry the eight year old boy got hurt. That's very bad. But the whole situation sounds like it was handled no better by the grownups, either.

  3. They changed their minds, today, I think.

    I was reading that the boy's parents were not pressing charges... what was going through those idiots' minds when they decided to bring that child up on charges? I wonder what would have happened to my sister, now, if she shot me in the eye with the BB gun?

  4. The hilarious part is that the police report claims that she threw a four-pound rock 20 feet in order to hit this kid on the head. Now, if she can throw a four-pound rock with that kind of velocity and accuracy at that distance, I understand that the San Francisco Giants need a new pitcher on their pitching staff, and that U. Cal. Berkeley wants her when she gets old enough to join their shot-putting team! I mean, c'mon. She's an 11 year old girl. And not even an athletic girl -- never played baseball or softball or any other sports. Those cops were smoking crack when they wrote that claim in their report.

    I think it's clear that she threw a smaller rock, not the four-pound rock that the police claim she threw. And once you uncover one such idiotic lie on the part of the police, the rest of the police report dissolves into just a pack of lies intended to justify their over-reaction to a normal childhood spat.

    It's clear why the prosecutor agreed to 6 months unsupervised probation then removal of the incident from her record... the police report was such an obvious fabric of lies that he had no case.

    - Badtux the Physics Penguin


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